There is no greater compliment than a referral from a former client. The McDuffey & Medcalf Law Firm was built on individual attention and award winning results. But do not take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say.




“Tim McDuffey won my accident case for 1 Million, Thank God my mother in law found him, he is truly an honorable Attorney, and it shows thru his work, he made sure all my bills were paid, so I did not have to deal with creditors, he would always listen to my concerns and worries with a gentle heart, he truly takes his cases to heart, not only was he my accident attorney, but my disability advocate, and to this day 5 years later, he still listens to my concern about disabilities, and advices me on what action to take, Tim you’re an amazing Attorney, a loyal friend to talk to, and I think of Tim as a God sent Angel in my life, thanks for your advice 5 years later even though he is not getting paid, he is always there with open ears to rely on, and nowadays you can’t rely on much, but I have had the experience with Tim and Michelle, both of them are truly amazing together as a team.”

Nora – Lake Ozark, MO

“There is no other in Missouri as dedicated, resourceful, and intelligent as Tim McDuffey, I have known him for almost ten years and he has been there for me anytime I needed him. Both cases he worked for me ended in a win for us, he knows his law. Best thing about him he doesn’t act like he’s better than you, or doesn’t blow smoke. He’s straight forward and will be in your corner until the last day. Thank you Mr. McDuffey, and associates.”

Ben – Versailles, MO

“Tim is the best personal injury lawyer in Missouri. He’s dedicated & really cares about his clients. My husband and I were in an accident almost 16 years ago. But he got us our settlement. We had multiple injuries and still have some pain and discomfort.”

Ginny – Macks Creek, MO

“Tim McDuffey is down to earth lawyer. I really felt comfortable when we spoke. Always informed and his staff are great too! They were very helpful and kind. Tim handled my Disability case as well as my Workmanship Comp case and had great success at both. I highly recommend Tim McDuffey.”

Victoria – Osage Beach, MO

“My experience with Tim McDuffey was second to none. I honestly felt more like family than a client. Tim was incredibly knowledgeable about his line of work. Tim helped me pay attention to and see thing I thought would be over-looked. I would recommend Tim to everybody and their mother. I can never thank him enough for what he did for me and how hard he worked for me. Tim changed my life for the better and I am incredibly thankful!”

Adam – Eldon, MO

“After being seriously injured on the job I consulted several law firms to discuss my case. Two of these internet site law firms who were highly regarded as the “best” work comp firms claimed there was no case and would not proceed any further. I called the McDuffey Law Firm and sat down with Tim. Mr. McDuffey not only informed me that we had a workers’ compensation case but, that we had a potential case against the co-worker who injured me. In the end, we received far greater compensation than I could have ever imagined. Trust me when I say this, do not waste your time anywhere else. McDuffey Law Firm is the best.”

Steve – Camdenton, MO

“Tim, here are flowers for Pam and Michelle for all you have done for us. Thanks to you all!”

Randy – Eldon, MO

“Thanks for being wonderful! Thanks for all you do.”

Jill – Greenview, MO

“Thank you so much for your service. I agree with the word recorded at Proverbs 22:29. “Do you see someone skilled at their work? They will serve before kings. Thanks again.”

Michael – Laquey, MO

“Thanks for your assistance and cooperation on our case. I enjoyed our time together and especially appreciated the way you handled your relationship with me. I enjoyed learning from you and I especially appreciate you sharing about your faith and family.”

Brad – St. Louis, MO

“Tim, how do you say thanks enough for the kindness of friends? You are the best!”

Joyce – Kansas City, MO

“Tim I wanted to thank you for being there for me. I will always remember you for what you have done for me and my family.”

Lori – Camdenton, MO

“I thought about handling my workers’ compensation case on my own. I knew Tim from high school. Since the consultation was free I sat down with him to discuss my case. I almost settled my case for $12,000.00. Instead, Tim helped me on my case. I got on Social Security Disability and, on top of that received a $60,000.00 settlement on my workers’ compensation case. It was amazing. Tim told me during the very first meeting what was going to happen and it was amazing to watch him skillfully get that done over the course of the case.”

Ky – Lake Ozarks, MO

“I was referred to Tim by a friend. At first, I was hesitant to speak to an attorney. Once I sat down with Tim, he explained to me that I had three separate cases. One for workers’ compensation, one against the person who caused the accident and an underinsured motorist claim against my own insurance policy. Tim got me a settlement against the lady who hit me and a settlement with my insurance. He also got me permanent total disability benefits on my workers’ compensation case. I get a check every week form Work Comp and think of Tim every time I receive it. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate Tim at a 15.”

Leray – Climax Springs, MO

“Before I contacted the McDuffey Law Firm, I contacted my neighbor whose whole family I have had the pleasure of knowing for over 50 years and the son is now the head of a larger and successful law firm in Kansas City. After explaining my accident to him, he recommended I contact Tim McDuffey. I found everything in his recommendation to be true and I was, and am, completely satisfied with the professional manner that your firm handled my case.”

Royce – Sunrise Beach, MO

“I was in a head on collision 4 yrs ago. I broke my right femur bone, shattered my left collarbone, had a collapsed lung and broke bones and toes in my right foot. I was a mess. My mother in law contacted Tim McDuffey about taking on my case. When I met Tim and his staff after I was out of the hospital, I felt safe and at home, like part of his family. He listened to my tears and he took on my case. He was also my disability advocate and within 10 minutes of walking into a disability hearing we walked away with Disability. I was very impressed. Tim did all my paperwork, gathered all the medical information and at the end when we settled for out of court for $1 Million Dollars, Tim McDuffey kept track of all my bills and paid off all my medical and loans first, I was very happy to know he had my best interest at heart. Tim I could not thank you and Michelle and your law firm enough for what you have done for me and my family. I know first-hand that if I ever needed him, that he would be the only attorney I would call. Thanks Tim for always treating me like part of your family.”

Elnora – Columbia, MO

“My husband was seriously injured in a tractor trailer accident. We called several of the advertising firms out of Springfield. We even hired one. After a year of doing nothing on our case my aunt recommended Tim to me. Tim took over the case and within a few months had found evidence which got us a settlement. I don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t gone to see Tim.”

Rhonda – Lebanon, MO

“Hiring Tim was the best decision we ever made. We initially went to an attorney in Kansas City who did nothing on our case. He told us we had a difficult case. The insurance company never made an offer before trial. Tim tried the case and we won. He was masterful in front of the jury. I can’t imagine what our lives would have been like without him.”

Vicky – Edwards, MO

“My husband and I were seriously injured when we were hit by a drunk driver. We initially hired a lawyer out of St. Louis. He did nothing on our case. Tim understood how serious our injuries were and how overwhelmed we were being out of work and having hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Tim took our case to jury trial and won! At one point we would have been willing to settle our case for the defendant’s $50,000 insurance policy. Instead, with Tim’s help, we ended up with a multi-million dollar verdict.”

Virginia – Macks Creek, MO

My name is Stephen Burgun, I work in law enforcement and was involved in a crash while on duty. Like most people, I had questions about my options, and steps needed to take to ensure I was taken care of. I spoke to several people about attorneys, and more than one recommended Tim McDuffey. I called Mr. McDuffey’s office, and set up an appointment. I felt very comfortable speaking with Mr. McDuffey, and after I gave him the details of my situation, he thoroughly explained my options, and the steps he would take if he took on the case. After our initial meeting, I decided to work with Mr. McDuffey. Throughout the process Mr. McDuffey did everything he said he was going to and more. He kept in contact and I had no troubles contacting him with questions I had. Mr. McDuffey kept me informed of the entire process, asked for my input and provided advice. My case was settled in a timely manner, with a positive outcome. The service I received from Mr. McDuffey and his office staff was above and beyond my expectations. I would strongly recommend Mr. McDuffey to anyone looking for an attorney.”

Stephen – Osage Beach, MO